Know Benefits of Garlic for Heart Health and what not!

Know Benefits of Garlic for Heart Health and what not!

You probably don’t think of garlic as one of the herbal medicines that can promote heart health. Hopefully, all that changes after you’ve read about garlic’s heart health benefits. Many people eat garlic every day without ever thinking about how good it is for their heart. They eat garlic because it makes food delicious, but as you might already know, garlic is good for you in so many different ways.

Eating garlic is good for your cholesterol

How many of you spend countless hours lying in bed at night fretting over your cholesterol numbers? You probably take expensive pills that make you feel terrible. How is that working out for you? The results you’re seeing are probably mixed at best.

Garlic can lower your bad or LDL cholesterol and raise your good or HDL cholesterol. You don’t need to do anything special; just add garlic to your diet. You might want to add garlic in its raw form to your salads or other things you eat for the most benefits. However, sneaking in more of your food is a good idea.

If you’re worried about having strong garlic breath, eat a coffee bean after every meal. The coffee bean will take away the garlic smell, and no one will ever know that you’ve been eating garlic. However, anyone who doesn’t like the smell of garlic isn’t probably someone you want to hangout with anyway. After all, nothing says you have character like a good dose of garlic breath.

Garlic can lower your blood pressure

Everyone these days is worried about their blood pressure. It’s either your blood pressure is too high or it’s too low. If you have high blood pressure, give garlic a shot. No one is saying that you should trade garlic for your current blood pressure medication. Though, if you do take medication, garlic might be able to work hand in hand with your medicine for even better results.

Those of you who are on the fence of having high blood pressure can benefit from garlic too. If you sometimes have high blood pressure, but it’s not high enough to take pills, a little garlic might be what you need to regulate your blood pressure. Put a little chopped garlic on a cracker and swallow it with a shot of apple cider vinegar and it’ll be your go to routine for better health.

Eating garlic may protect your arteries

The science is out on this, so take it with a grain of salt. Some scientists and doctors believe that garlic prevent the formation of plaque buildup in the arteries. There is still research needed before anyone can make those claims with 100% confidence. The studies have been promising and it appears that eating garlic can help make sure that your arteries don’t get clogged.

Since the science is out on this, it’s best to understand that it may not be true. However, it’s just one more reason why you should be eating garlic. Anything that can reduce plaque in your arteries can reduce the risk of a heart attack which is something everyone can benefit from.

Moderation is key when it comes to garlic.

You don’t want to overdo it when eating garlic. A little bit goes a long way, and it’s something that you’ll want to remember. Always buy fresh garlic and maybe even consider growing it in your garden if you plant one. You don’t want to eat garlic powder or that chopped-up stuff they sell in jars. Buy fresh garlic, and use it sparingly but consistently. You should have a more flavorful life filled with more heart health.