What Are The Causes Of Alcohol Poisoning And Things To Avoid 

In the form of ethanol, alcohol is called ethyl alcohol in alcoholic beverages. It can be found in medicines, certain household products, mouthwash, and some cooking extract.  Alcohol Poisoning occurs because in a short period of time a person consumes too much alcohol that is also known as Ethyl alcohol poisoning. Rather than this alcohol other alcohol require emergency treatment. In this article we are going to suggest some things to avoid with necessary precautions.


  1. Methyl or ethylene glycol:

In antifreeze, common solvents and in paints it is found. 

  1. Isopropyl alcohol:

It is found in some cleaning products in some lotions and in certain rubbing alcohols.

Over Drinking:

Most possible reason for alcohol poisoning is called over drinking. It can be termed as Binge drinking that means when a male consumes five drinks and a female drink four drinks within two hours. Its effect can last for an hour or can last up to several days.

A person who passes out due to it there is a most probable chance that he has consumed an overdose of alcohol. When a person stops drinking or becomes unconscious. The intestine or stomach releases the alcohol in the bloodstream, to such an extent that level of alcohol rises in the body. 


There are some factors that lead to alcohol poisoning:

  • Weight and Height 
  • The health that can affect various processes occurring in our body.
  • If you have consumed food recently.
  • If you have consumed alcohol with other drugs. Drugs may also include some medicines.
  • In your drink the amount of alcohol.
  • Your speed of consuming alcohol.

Prevention: In moderation avoid drinking

For healthy adults:

They should consume two drinks per day. It is for males and for females it should be one drink per day. 

Don’t consume alcohol with some medicines:

It causes harmful effects when medicine and alcohol is consumed together even a little amount can be fatal. 

In the final words we advise you to visit detox to rehab centre for the purification and remove this condition from your body.